About us

Welcome to the enchanting world of Tiny Mono, where every stitch tells a story of tradition, creativity, and love passed down through generations. 

The journey began with the legacy of my great-grandmother, renowned throughout the Kyustendil province of Bulgaria as a master seamstress whose magical creations were sought after by even royalty. My great-grandmother was determined to impart her passion for fabric and threads to the generations to come, first to my mom and then she passed it on to me. 

Amidst the trials of adolescence and the tumult of life's journey, I drifted away from our sewing legacy. It wasn't until I embarked on the adventure of motherhood, nurturing a young one of my own, that the spark of creativity reignited within me. Inspired by visions of clothing my daughter in garments crafted with love and care, I delved into the world of fabric and thread once more.

Long hours of trial and error followed, but through perseverance and determination, the idea of creating a handmade clothing brand for children began to take shape. After countless attempts and a myriad of names considered, Tiny Mono was born.

Our collections embody the essence of my journey - a tapestry woven with love, craftsmanship, and the lessons learned along the way. 

Join me on this magical journey of sewing and creating a world of color and comfort for our children.